Finally The End of False Alerts

Identify Human like a Human

Leveraging the latest deep learning algorithm and massive database, SimCam can distinguish a human body from various objects and backgrounds. Any changes of natural things won't fool SimCam's eyes - almost zero irrelevant detection.

Activity Zones

Just select an area of interest on the camera's view, then only get specific alerts of what happens in that area.


Focus on The One You Care

Wait, SimCam Recognizes You!

SimCam can recognize the faces of family members or trusted ones. You can tell SimCam to notify you when someone you care shows up in the camera.

You can also turn off notifications of familiar faces.

99.4% Facial Recognition Accuracy

Know "Who is Moving Your Cheeze"

Object Tracking

In addition to living things, SimCam can also recognize and track any objects you selected in the camera's view, like your car or safe box. You will be alerted if the object is being touched or moved by someone else.

History Wrap-up At A Glance

Miss alerts? You don't have to watch hours of footages to review what has happened in your home. SimCam organizes all the event clips with thumbnails in separate lists by camera names, detection types, dates and time. Locate the events that matter to you just in a minute.


Eyes Up, Stay Sharp

Capture at First Sight

SimCam will instantly start recording a clip and send you a push alert with a snapshot once the camera detects a person in the first frame.

This is because SimCam relies on computer vision which reacts much faster than the old-school passive infrared motion detection. There is no way that you could miss a single important event.


Your Home, Now Vivid

A super brain power deserves excellent eyesight. SimCam boasts a Sony IMX 1/2.3" 5-megapixel image sensor, providing detail-rich photos and videos of your home security status, day or night, 7x24.

  • h15MP
  • h27x24 Full HD Recording
  • h3Wide Dynamic Range
  • h4Starlight Level Night Vision
  • h5IP65 Weatherproof

Always on the Line

Supporting dual-band 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi doubles the speed of video transmission, resulting in low live stream latency. An enhanced antenna built-in the camera ensures a reliable Wi-Fi connection at all times.


SimCam can automatically pan to follow a person on the move.

You can also control the gimbal manually using the APP to broaden the field of view.

On-device AI, All Intelligence on the Device

Local Video Analytics - No Cloud Fees

As opposed to cloud-based cameras, SimCam record and analyze images simultaneously on the local device, leading to quicker detection and alerts. There are no additional cloud fees needed for the advanced AI features.

Local Video Storage - No Privacy Concerns

SimCam saves your 7x24 videos, snapshots, and even clips all in an SD card, thus keep your privacy fully secured. Network disconnection or poor signal won’t affect the image processing.

Again, no long-term cloud cost for storage.

Intel® Movidius VPU

The Intel® Movidius VPU 10X the performance speed with powerful deep neural network and 12 cores, enabling true real-time image analyzing and multi-tasking. It’s also known for its high accuracy of recognition.


What SimCam can do is far more than the features listed above. With the open SDK, you can unleash the full powers of the Intel AI chipset and customize new applications that fit your unique needs. You can turn SimCam into the Google Clips, a pet monitor, a baby monitor and even your smart home hub, whatever. We call this the Magic.Learn More >>


7x24 1080P Recording
Computer Vision Detection
Person / Face / Object Recognition
Local Video Storage & Analytics
Intel® Movidius VPU
Customizable with Deep Learning Models


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