SimCam Magic Developer Program

Powered by the Intel® Movidius  Myriad 2 VPU AI processor, SimCam can run 5 neural networks in parallel as model to provide far more intelligence than its default features.Thanks to the Magic program, users or developers are allowed to use the prebuilt deep learning models or create new ones to expand the capabilities of SimCam for a wide variety of uses, whether it’s for home or commercial purpose. It’s just like creating a magic spell.

5 Basic Neural Networks

  • smagic1
    Person Classification
    Classify if a person is an adult or a kid, male or female.
  • smagic2
    Face Recognition
    Know familiar faces like you do.
  • smagic3
    Object Recognition
    Detect and recognize your personal property.
  • smagic1
    Motion Tracking
    Automatically move the camera to track a moving target
  • smagic2
    Action Recognition
    Understand what a person is doing based on his behavior.

What Magic could SimCam possibly do?

By syncing the neural networks together with some other features, SimCam can perform more complicated tasks than you could imagine. You can simply teach SimCam to understand certain situation with specific image examples. Here below are a few Magic models that might inspire your creation.


Take a selfie of you when you are waving your hands.


Action recognition


Camera snapshot


Notify you if your housekeeper comes to clean your dining room at 3:00pm.


Face recognition


Time setting


Turn off the light automatically when you are not there.


Person detection


Amazon Alexa


Smart light


Alert you when your baby is trying to open the fridge.


Baby detection


Object recognition

How to develop new Magic of your own?

General User

For normal users who don’t want to get their hands dirty, we provide prebuilt models that are readily accessible in the APP. All you have to do is to pick the ones you need and then combine them into a procedure with a few clicks.


If you are a tech savvy and can’t find the model that fits you, you can construct new models on major deep learning framework such as Tensorflow and Cafee. Then, you can associate your custom models with each other on our developer’s APP.

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