SimCam can detect activities of human and pets with onboard AI deep learning algorithms, while keep your privacy secured in the device.

More Insight, Less False Alarms

Person Detection

SimCam only alerts you when a person enters a specific area. It does not trigger any false alarms caused by movement of bugs, light change or something natural.

Face Recognition

SimCam will match a person’s face with registered profiles and identify if it is a trusted one. Get specific notifications when your family members arrive on the scene. No continuous training required.

99.4% Facial Recognition Accuracy

Object Monitoring

In addition to human detection, SimCam can also detect an object you selected and alert you when it is stolen or damaged.

What Happens on SimCam, Stays on SimCam

Local Video Analysis

Independent of the cloud, video analysis takes place inside the camera. No third parties can collect your data for unauthorized uses, not even people at SimCam Lab.

Free Local Storage

SimCam stores all the video and photos in a memory card and supports sync to a local NAS storage. Your files are much safer in your own hands.

sdMicro SD Card
nasNAS Storage

We secure your account with bank-level AES-256 encryption. The live video directly streams to your APP on a secured P2P (peer to peer) connection. Only you can access your camera through the companion APP.

Quick as Lightning


The on-device AI accelerated by Intel Movidius VPU facilitates real-time image analysis without sending files to the cloud. Once detecting an event, SimCam will send you a push snapshot notification and start recording a 15-second clip in a second. Dual-band WiFi connectivity ensures interference-free live stream at all times. Never miss an important event.

360° Tracking

An optional 360-degree gimbal allows SimCam Indoor to pan and keep a moving person in the frame automatically. You can also manually control the gimbal on the APP to broaden the field of view.

Smarter Home Centralized by AI Vision

With the open API, SimCam can work seamlessly with other smart home devices and automate multiple home tasks at a time upon seeing a person’s face or other predefined visual models. Turn on the lights, pull up the curtains, turn up the heat without any voice command or APP control. However, you can still communicate with SimCam through major smart speakers. A simple AI-vision drives the future of a more connected, intuitive home.


Artificial Intelligence, Do It Yourself

Tinker with SimCam open SDK and build your own AI deep learning models for your personalized needs. You can train SimCam to recognize a broad spectrum of objects or activities you desire and take actions based on what it sees. Not only can SimCam understand a person or a face, but also a specific gesture, your pet, your baby, whatever you want, the possibilities are unlimited. We call this the Magic Program.Learn More >>

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